The Portfolio

Below is an up-to-date portfolio of our Members' recent investments. Click on any company to read a brief case study.

Our focus is on British early-stage companies across most sectors, especially where EIS relief is available.

Customer data and marketing platform for retail

A ‘tech for good’ enterprise delivering a unique revenue solution for app publishers

High performance lightweight anti-theft bike and motorcycle locks

The UK’s first integrated rental solution

The golden source signatory repository

An urban theme park bringing best of class social VR experiences all under one roof

A salary sacrifice solution for electric vehicles, enabling end users to save 30-60% on a car

Online placement platform for teachers

Award winning high protein savoury snacks

A patented, refillable vaping solution to help smokers quit for good

The AI powered influencer marketing data platform

Life sciences tool and diagnostics developer

What Adjuvo Looks For

An app delivering the safest way to get home

A curated rental platform for first-time renters

Structural composites engineered for the 21st century

Engineered safety devices for intravenous-line healthcare

Online legal platform for SMEs

Fuel tank technology to save fuel and reduce emissions

Robotic underfloor insulation to save energy



CEO: Ivan Mazour

Adjuvo Investment: £4.5 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: November 2021

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that combines profile unification and predictive intelligence with cross-channel marketing. The company helps retailers increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases by sending personalised messages throughout the customer journey.

The company is trusted by global fast-growing retail brands, such as MADE.COM and Hotel Chocolat.



CEO: Aaron Simpson

Adjuvo Investment: £4.6 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: April 2023

Kindred believes in delivering value for partners but also helping protect the planet and contributing to society.

The company offers a range of benefits for partners; from rewarding users with cashback and savings online to supporting ESG targets by enabling users to become more conscious consumers, this is all while seamlessly generating a significant incremental revenue stream which uniquely works outside the app.



CEO: Neil Barron

Adjuvo Investment: £1.7 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: April 2023

Litelok bike and motorcycle locks are made from tough stuff with patented technologies using either Boaflexicore or Boaflexicore Plus.

In Sept 2022, LITELOK X launched a range of lightweight D-locks that are armoured with Barronium™: a new composite technology, which offers unparalleled resistance to angle grinders.


Zoa Rental

Founder and CEO: Isabella West

Adjuvo Fundraise: £720k

Date of Investment: June 2023

Zoa Rental provides white-label technology that powers pay-per-wear fashion for retailers.  Through a SaaS model, it provides data, logistics, and operations support to streamline the rental process.

Its ‘smart rental button’ seamlessly integrates rental into brand websites, allowing retailers to launch its rental services hassle-free, like Klarna’s button. Retailers can easily toggle this feature on product pages.



CEO: Steve Pomfret

Adjuvo Funding: £1.4 million

Date of Investment: May 2023

Cygnetise is an authorised signatory management platform that allows customers to manage, share, and validate signatory data using blockchain technology. The company is on a mission to become the global standard for organisations, corporations and banks to maintain, record, and securely share their authorised signatory lists.

Cygnetise is not an e-signature application, but a real-time record management system for authorised signatories. The business already counts 59 customers, including the likes of Societe Generale, SoftBank, Investec, Stonehage Fleming and PwC.



CEO: John Lilley

Adjuvo Investment: £1.2 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: December 2022

MeetSpaceVR brings the best socially immersive virtual reality experiences into one arena.

With 7 venues, including in Victoria Centre Nottingham and the Utilita Arena Birmingham, MeetSpaceVR offers Arena Scale Free Roam VR, VR escape rooms, and VR Arcade games.

The company is the only UK provider of the world leading Zero Latency free roam multiplayer VR experience.


The Electric Car Scheme

CEO: Thom Groot

Adjuvo Investment: £500k

Date of Most Recent Investment: August 2022

The Electric Car Scheme makes it easier for people to adopt electric cars by cutting the cost by 30-60% and taking out the complexity of getting a car through salary sacrifice. It’s like the Cycle to Work scheme – only better!

You and your team can switch to drive any electric car through subscription or lease and include maintenance, charge point installation, and car insurance through the scheme.


Zen Educate

CEO: Slava Kremerman

Adjuvo Investment: £7.3 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: September 2022

Zen is on a mission to improve education and healthcare outcomes by building online marketplaces that revolutionise the management of temporary skilled staff in regulated environments.

With an online platform, schools save money and get better quality matches while teachers earn more and get more relevant roles. The company began with UK education but has recently expanded to UK healthcare (pharmacists and opticians) and US education.



The Curators

Co-founders: Ed Hauck and Max Rees

Adjuvo Investment: £2.35 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: August 2023

The Curators are on a mission to build the UK’s leading functional savoury snacks brand for modern active consumers, creating products with bold flavour and big nutrition.

The company has developed an innovative range of premium snacks that are light, crunchy and packed full of protein, underpinned by a distinctive and striking lifestyle brand.



Founder: Francois Barou

CEO: Ian Murison

Adjuvo Investment: £4.8 million

Date of Most Recent Adjuvo Investment: February 2023

AYR is a UK technology company innovating for a nicotine-free future. The combination of its proprietary AYR vaporiser solutions, its licensed global IP portfolio and its unique know-how offers millions of smokers a pathway to reduce both their tobacco and nicotine consumption.



CEO: Jenny Tsai

Adjuvo Funding: £2.27 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: March 2023

WeArisma’s data works to drive better choices and higher impact for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. The platform enables brands and their marketing agencies to forecast, measure, and optimize their influencer marketing performance and global competitive positioning.

The company has become of interest to financial services institutions building ESG indicators to understand the social credit risk of influencer marketing.



CEO: Jonathan O’Halloran

Adjuvo Funding: £4 million

Most Recent Adjuvo Fundraise: August 2022

QuantuMDx is a progressive MedTech company passionate about empowering the world to control disease and reduce suffering. The company solves real-world diagnostic problems by creating multiplex molecular solutions for the Point of Need.

Q-POC™ is a rapid, portable, sample to answer multiplex PCR device. It has been designed for use in a range of real-world settings, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and dentists, providing accurate PCR results.


Criteria and Consideration

  • Exemplary founders with the resources and talent to execute, and significant personal investment alongside our members
  • Innovative high-growth businesses with immediate relevance
  • Unique technology and IP with protection from competition
  • Ability to scale quickly in large potential markets
  • Sector agnostic, but with a preference for platforms, software, disrupters and consumer-facing businesses with contemporary appeal
  • Opportunities for our members to advocate, introduce and support each investment


CEO: Harry Mead

Adjuvo Investment: £105k

Date of Most Recent Investment: July 2022

Path is a smart cities/data analytics company that aims to map the safety of every street in the world through the use of machine learning. Path uses this information for a variety of products from a consumer navigation app based around safety to government analytics portals and risk management tools.

Path aims to lead the innovation of safety-based data and its utility in the new AI environment we find ourselves in.



CEO: Hannah Chappatte

Hybr is a curated rental platform for first-time renters offering everything they need in one place, whilst ensuring landlords can fill vacancies quickly with pre-vetted young tenants.

The company has already supported over 25,000 students in their property search, has partnered with 20 UK universities, and has recently onboarded the likes of Touchstones and Greystar to its landlord portfolio.


SPS Technology

CEO: David Glover

Adjuvo Investment: £751k

Date of Most Recent Investment: November 2021

Exceptionally strong, thin and light, Sandwich Plate System, SPS®, is a patent-protected structural composite material that can replace stiffened steel and structural concrete. This seemingly simple material is unique and already used for maritime and offshore life extension and replacing ageing bridge infrastructure. New build uses include stadia and security & defence.



CEO: Dr Ashton Barnett-Vanes

Total Adjuvo Investment: £710k

Date of Most Recent Investment: August 2023


Javelo is a clinician-led healthcare technology company based in Scotland.

The company develops patent-protected solutions to improve safety and comfort for patients receiving intravenous therapy or haemodialysis.

The company’s technology is informed by the needs of patients and clinicians, delivering products that are effective, affordable and sustainable.



CEO: Clive Rich

Adjuvo Investment: £1.07 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: July 2021

LawBite is a law-tech enterprise connecting SMEs with expert lawyers through a proprietary technology platform. The platform is increasingly driven by data and machine learning and serves an existing £9 billion marketplace for SMEs spending on legal services in the UK.

Lawbite links seamlessly with brands serving mass SME audiences in order to deliver fast, affordable law at scale to its SME clients.




CEO: Nick Massey

Adjuvo Funding: £5.1 million

Date of Most Recent Investment: June 2023

FuelActive helps operators of diesel engines save fuel and reduce emissions by supplying the cleanest fuel available to the engine. Extensive trials on heavy goods vehicles have proven a ~3-5% fuel efficiency improvement, with a corresponding CO2 reduction.

The company holds world-wide patents, is ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accredited, and won ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the International Business Awards. Sectors include Mining, Transportation, Construction and Rail.




Founder: Tom Lipinski

Adjuvo Investment: £1.5 million

Date of Investment: July 2023

A first of its kind, Q-Bot is a Robotics as a service solution for underfloor insulation. With 36 patents granted globally, they have developed small remote-controlled robots that can go underneath floorboards with ease – precision spraying insulating foam to everywhere required and permitted.

Its technology is both award winning and fully accredited, having successfully insulated circa 3,500 homes to date. The company is the default market leader in a hitherto untapped market worth £140 billion.

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