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Below are a selection of our recent investments. Click on any company to read a brief case study.

Our focus is on early stage companies, across most sectors and especially where EIS relief is available.

MeetspaceVR is an urban theme park bringing best of class social VR experiences all under one roof.

The Curators produce a range of natural, hand-crafted & nutritious snacks that are mouth-wateringly delicious and made in the UK.

A car sharing company aimed at tapping into the spare capacity of millions of idle privately-owned cars.

AYR is a patented, smart vaping solution designed to help smokers quit for good.

Wheyhey creates great tasting, low sugar, protein rich products that are genuinely good for you. Because a healthy body allows you to do amazing things!

The Customer Marketing Platform for Retailers

A streamlined technology platform for teachers to find work in schools without expensive agency middlemen.

DNA analysis in minutes, networked for global disease treatment and surveillance.

Manufactures a unique patented fuel delivery system.

A paint containing clean air technology.

digi.me gives individuals control of their personal data, bringing it together in one secure location.

Established to produce a TV drama based on the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942.



MeetspaceVR is an urban theme park bringing best of class social VR experiences all under one roof.

Virtual Reality is making waves with many big players in the film, entertainment and video game industry. These developers need a channel and MeetspaceVR provides just that with the aim of becoming the Showcase of VR experiences that span generations.

Social VR requires space to provide a truly untethered and immersive experience where your body becomes the controller and your mind believes it is real. Social VR also provides a better business model with its throughput of highly satisfied customers.

The pilot store in Nottingham has been welcoming over 3,000 customers per month aged 8 to 80 and is starting to develop social VR as a category of experience for groups of friends and corporate team building.



The Curators are a collective of flavour fanatics, led by food-loving friends Max and Ed, dedicated to bringing foodie flair to serious snacks. We take our taste inspiration from around the globe to give all our premium British-made snacks a truly mouth-watering twist.


Car & Away

Car & Away can be described as the ‘Airbnb for cars’ as we want people to share their cars and make themselves some money while doing it.

There are 32 million cars in the UK alone and these sit idle 96% of the time. The average cost of owning a car is £5,000 a year. By providing a platform where people can share their cars, they can begin to make their car work for them.

Our offering will consist of two components: Airport and Neighborhood operations. While the two are separate customer propositions, they work perfectly together to fuel growth.

Our airport operations attract both owners and renters through delivering disruptive and attractive alternatives to park or rent a car. It also provides a parking capacity solution for airports where we can grow their parking capacity at zero cost. Every car rented frees up space, which the airport can re-sell. This has already created a loyal customer base and developed a leading brand reputation in the UK through Trustpilot® – 9.8/10 – 1st in Airport Parking and 3rd in Car Rental.

We will also soon be launching our neighbourhood operation in London. Owners who use the service at the airport inform us that they want to rent out their car from their home. This provides us with the unique growth engine to fuel nationwide growth. The business will expand to Europe, America and beyond using similar market entry points.



AYR Ltd is a UK technology company, innovating for a nicotine-free future.

In early 2019, we will launch AYR, the world’s first truly smart vaping solution. AYR offers millions of smokers a pathway to reduce both their tobacco and nicotine consumption to zero.

From how it looks, to how it performs and informs, AYR is smart in every way.

Designed to be as effortless as smoking, AYR is the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically whilst in its case. For the first time,“Glowdown” lights, show smokers how much they are vaping, so there is a clear start and end to every session. Uniquely, AYR has an app that monitors nicotine consumption and provides the insight and support needed to reduce nicotine levels over time.

AYR has now been fully patented in all key jurisdictions and is planning its commercial launch in the UK in early 2019.




Wheyhey’s goal is to make the healthiest products possible without compromising on taste. It’s not about treats that are just less bad for you – Wheyhey is actually good for you! All of their products reflect the Wheyhey personality of being fun loving and a little bit outrageous.

They have notched up several awards including the Great British Start-Up of the year 2016; were recognized as a ‘Trailblazer brand’ by Food Vision and Unilever foundry; and were awarded a place on the California based and highly competitive Thrive accelerator programme for emerging food tech businesses backed by Forbes and large food tech companies. Wheyhey also counts supermodel David Gandy and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson amongst its fans.

Wheyhey has made an impact with UK nationwide retailers Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market and Odeon Cinema with their current range of sugar-free, high protein ice cream. They have also had success overseas securing major retailers in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, the Middle East and even Iceland! Excitingly, 2018 sees the launch of the low sugar, high protein ‘Wheyhey! Brownie’ available in three delicious flavours; Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Peanut.



Ometria is a customer marketing platform that enables retailers to send personalised marketing messages throughout the customer journey.

Built specifically for retailers, Ometria’s AI-powered platform collects and aggregates data from all customer touch points in real-time, and uses machine learning to profile and send the most effective marketing messages to each individual across all channels.

Ometria is trusted by some of the fastest growing retail brands in the world such as Moss Bros, Links of London, Charlotte Tilbury, Whistles and MADE.com.


Zen Educate

“Zen Educate is on a mission to change the world of education recruitment and disrupt a rigid, outdated market.

Zen Educate is an easy way for schools to find teachers. Instead of using expensive agencies, schools can book through a simple, online platform. Schools save money and teachers get paid more, all while cutting down on administrative hassle.



Newcastle-based QuantuMDx is an emerging life sciences tools and diagnostics company.

The company’s flagship device is the Q-POC™ platform, a simple to use, portable molecular diagnostic lab that, when launched in 2020, is targeting to become the first truly “point of care” device to deliver actionable lab-quality DNA analysis, in a paradigm-changing 15-20 minutes; well within the time taken for an average patient consultation. The company’s focus is human clinical diagnostics such as infectious diseases, cancer and complementary diagnostics. It plans to licence its technology in non-core and applied markets such as vet, agbio, environmental, food and homeland security.

QuantuMDx is developing further molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used as standalone devices or integrated with the Q-POC™. These include the pathogen enricher CAPTURE-XT™ and rapid sample preparation kit DNA-XT™.




FuelActive manufactures a unique patented fuel pick-up unit, which changes the way fuel is extracted from diesel fuel tanks. The radical design ensures that clean diesel is taken from the top of the fuel source rather than the dirty fuel at the bottom of the tank. This massively reduces the contaminants entering the engine and results in:

  • Eradication of fuel related breakdowns
  • Extended life of machinery and fuel line components
  • Less maintenance downtime
  • Increased productivity as a result of more reliable equipment
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency over the life of the equipment
  • Reduction in emissions as a result of burning cleaner fuel



AM Technology

AM Technology (AMT) manufactures a special paint-like product called Airlite™, which has extensive benefits for both exterior and interior building surfaces. Airlite™ harnesses the energy of light creating a catalytic reaction which neutralises air pollutants, destroys harmful bacteria and mould, reduces odours and prevents dirt accumulation. In particular, it significantly reduces airborne pollutants including NOx, SOx, CO and fine particles and destroys 99.99% of bacteria and mould spores on surfaces.

In addition, Airlite has very high solar reflective properties, and when applied to exterior walls and roofs heat is reflected away, with savings of up to 50% of air conditioning costs thus reducing CO2 and greenhouse gases.




Digi.me is a decentralised personal data management platform that allows consumers to privately and securely aggregate data from across their digital lives to share with apps that respect user control of data. Developers can build innovative new apps and insights powered by their SDK and API, or integrate digi.me technology into their existing apps to improve data-driven services. Digi.me connects to many sources of personal data this currently includes social, health, fitness, wellbeing, finance, wearables, retail and entertainment. Digi.me enables companies to meet GDPR data portability requirements by giving customers access to their data with security and reusability. Based in the UK, digi.me merged with Personal from the US in 2017, and also has operations in Iceland and Australia.



Adjuvo Studios

Adjuvo Studios was originally set up to develop and produce a story based on the life of army veteran, spy and adventurer Dudley Hennessy. After several months of background research and after speaking to industry experts, it became clear that there was demand for a TV epic focused on the wider story of the fall of Singapore during World War Two. 16 episodes have been written, taking in the full array of actors and nations involved in this historical watershed that marked the end of the British Empire and the birth of modern Asia.

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