What’s in a name?
We believe a great deal

Adjuvo (v);
to be of use, be profitable

  • to cherish, sustain
  • to help, aid, abet, encourage and favour

When Adjuvo was founded in early 2015 this Latin verb was our chosen name, knowing it encapsulated our vision for the network we wanted to create.

A network and investment syndicate that has evolved considerably over the last seven years whilst staying true to this original vision. The definition remains at the core of our approach, facilitates growth, and guides our future strategy.

Our model for success

  • Excellence

    in our invested companies and founders

  • Expertise

    of our members, network and partners

  • Execution

    of our constructive capitalism strategy, with the concept of “I help” at its core

What we do

We look for entrepreneurial founders whose vision is exemplary, and who have the talent and resources to execute.

Potential portfolio companies will be innovative, high growth British businesses led by outstanding founders. The companies will have contemporary relevance, and the ability to scale in sizeable markets.

We are sector agnostic, but our members tend
to avoid capital intensive businesses and highly regulated areas. Our members particularly like platforms, software, disrupters and consumer facing businesses with proven and patented USPs.

Who we are

We are advocates and supporters of entrepreneurship, constructive capitalism and job creation.

The Adjuvo network is a syndicate of experienced investors who make up our energetic and committed membership of more than 140 individuals, all driven by a shared desire to commit capital to early-stage high growth British companies and be part of the journey to maximise their potential.

We are proud to have members with proven expertise across an impressive array of private and public industry sectors and organisations of scale.

Our management team

Mark Foster-Brown CVO

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder & Director

Louis Lundy

Managing Director

James Badcock

Chief Financial Officer

Rupert Runewitsch


Philip Donald

Investment Opportunities

Charlotte Lane

Investment Opportunities

Ollie Middleditch


Tania Hollingworth


Francesca Willis


Henry Goode

Operations and Finance

Sean Cam

Operations and Finance

Amy Turner

Office Coordination

Ross Reason

Chairman & Founding Shareholder

Andrew Rice

Co-Founder & Director

Andrew Dyson

Board Director

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